• Spanish workers
    in the Netherlands

  • Spanish workers
    in the Netherlands


Our service provision offers you maximum freedom of choice. Depending on your organisation and requirements, you decide whether we are a suitable partner for Recruitment, Selection and/or Introduction, or the entire process.  Ibercompas bv is flexible and objectively assists you in finding a solution for your needs.

Bespoke Recruitment, Selection and/or Introduction processes can be set up when filling multiple vacancies for the same type of position.



During the Recruitment phase, Ibercompas bv:

  • adapts your vacancy to the Spanish labour market (description of the position, education, qualifications, etc.)
  • advertises your vacancy on a Spanish job site: www.carreraenholanda.com
  • advertises your vacancy on various social media platforms and general job sites
  • communicates your vacancy to a broad network of Spanish labour market specialists
  • communicates your vacancy to relevant parties, such as employment agencies, education institutes and industry associations

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In the Selection phase, Ibercompas bv is responsible for:

  • arranging first interviews with the candidates
  • informing the candidates about working in the Netherlands
  • arranging a language test (English/Dutch)
  • taking care of administrative matters
  • presenting the candidates to the customer and coordinating the Selection procedure



During the Introduction phase, Ibercompas bv provides:

  • professional guidance for the move to the Netherlands
  • support when onboarding the new worker in the customer's company
  • professional guidance during the first year